Taxi vs. car service…What’s best for my travels?

Using a taxi or a car service depends on the nature of your trip.  Both perform very different roles that define them.  But you should know that the two main factors that differentiate them are:  service and equipment.  Service entails on-time reliability, driver professionalism, quality of communication, attention to detail, and travel comforts.  Car services tend to offer high-end amenities, while taxis tend to offer low or no amenities. Equipment refers to the vehicle itself.  Taxis typically offer standard furnishings, while a car service will offer luxury furnishings and have high-class “curb appeal”.

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Getting to/from the Airport with a Car and Limo Service

Car and Limo Airport Transportation in Charleston, SC

For many, a large hassle of traveling by plane is the whole matter of getting to and from the airport. Some individuals simply choose off-site or long term parking but this can (1) get expensive depending on the duration of your trip and (2) lack the sense of comfort when it comes to the safety and security of your car. Others rely on friends or family for a ride but this too can be equally awkward. An alternative to these two approaches is to hire a private car or limo company for your airport transportation needs. Often, rates to the airport with a car/limo company are comparable to taxi services and yet provide a much more exquisite ride.
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Private Airport Shuttle Service in Charleston, SC & Their Benefits

Utilizing a Private Service to Shuttle You to/from the Airport

We have all been in the position where we have to get to the airport. Unfortunately, leaving your car actually at the airport is never the most ideal situation. For lengthy trips, leaving your automobile in the airport “long-term” parking can be expensive and not the safest option. Even for shorter trips the cost to park is reason enough not to follow this route. This predicament leaves only a couple of feasible options. The first is to find some off-site parking and utilize that company’s airport shuttle. Again, however, you are left at the mercy of that company’s shuttle and safety protocols. The other option is you hire a private airport shuttle service which typically has certain advantages over the previously mentioned choices.
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