Service Rates versus Taxi Rates

If you’re in need of private car transportation and have thought about simply calling a taxi, there are a few things you need to know about how service rates are calculated.

Taxi rates are calculated per loaded mile, and in some cases per person. With private car services it’s done basically the same way with the addition of a few very important benefits.

Private car transportation gives you the assurance of reliability and professionalism, along with courteous and discreet chauffeurs. In addition, first class service is provided within comfortable, luxurious vehicles.

When it comes to airport transfers, corporate service or special events, private car transportation is the perfect choice for setting the right tone. It’s stress free transportation in a luxurious environment.

Make sure you make that early morning flight. Impress that important client by having a car waiting for them. Private car transportation service is guaranteed and will get you to your destination in style.


Parking vs. Special Event Transportation

As you consider a location for your special event, you’ll want to keep in mind how people will be arriving and where they will park.

When large groups of people come together in one place, special attention must be given to parking. Will you need parking attendants? What kind of training have they had and will attendees’ cars be safe in their hands?

If your event is to be held in the evening, lighting will be a factor. You’ll need to think about the safety of your guests, especially if cars will be parked anywhere but in a maintained lot. How far will they have to walk and will there be obstacles that could cause them to fall? The last thing you want to worry about is upsetting your guests before they even get to the event!

Another option to parking cars is special event transportation. Attendees are sure to be impressed and relieved when they are delivered to the affair without the hassle and worry of leaving their vehicles in an unsafe situation.

Many different types of services are available and prices will vary. Consider your needs and compare prices before choosing any personal transportation service. Selecting the right service for your event is essential for an enjoyable experience for all of your guests.

Benefits of hiring limousine transportation

There are many different ways to make your special event a memorable one, but one of the best is to use limousine services. These days it’s easy to find a company that provides limousine rentals; there are many to choose from and reasonable rates are readily available.

If you’re planning a birthday party, wedding, prom night, or corporate event, a luxurious and classy limousine will make the event even more special. Limousines offer world class comfort, convenience, and lots of fun. Your friends will be able to enjoy the event without having to worry about getting home.

When it comes to style, there is nothing better than limousine transportation. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes so you can choose one that fits your exact needs. With lots of space available, limousines provide safe passage for you and your party, with no concerns of traffic or driving.

Before hiring a limousine, it is important for you to do your research. Once you’ve found a reliable and trustworthy company, make sure you read their policies carefully prior to making a final decision. You want to be sure that the company will provide the best rental limousine services available.

Limousines are safer than cabs and are driven by professional drivers who are licensed and have been trained not to go above the legal speed limits.  Your limousine service will provide a comfortable, elegant ride that will get you to your destination safely and in the style that you deserve.

Personal Transportation Services That Take Care Of Your Travel Concerns

Limousines have been used since the early years of their manufacture as a mark of wealth and power. The brand name ‘limousine’ itself gives the impression of luxury and sophistication. A very small percentage of the population can actually afford to ride such luxurious cars. This particularly is the reason that nowadays Car Service Charleston SC rentals are a great way to get the experience of travelling by these elegant vehicles – a limo.

Many top level business executives, state and community politicians, movie stars, professional athletes and wealthy people use limousines for their personal transportation, golf transportation, cruise transportation, etc. either for attending premiere social events, for conducting business and for leisure. Wealthy people also use limousines Car Service Charleston SC rentals as a means to show off their status and power and travel in elegance as they go about their daily routines. However, now even the average person can uses limousines for their business purposes or when they are on vacation, as an alternative means of transportation. This is because nowadays there are many companies providing Car Service in Charleston SC out there that offer limo services at subsidized costs.

If you are looking for any such companies providing limos as Car Service Charleston SC rentals, then you can scour all your option on the internet. A good online research will do a task for you, as many such companies have provided comprehensive information about the services provided by them, fleet of vehicles available with them and also about their services areas. is one such online destination that provides you a fleet of luxury Limousine Transportation options including cars, SUVs, and limousines at a reasonable cost. At, the professional and prompt Limousine Services providers also customize their services according to your demands and strive to meet all your requirements in the best possible manner.

The honest customer service, superb conditions of the available limo, professional and prompt drivers and flexibility in price rates, are some of the pros of The well-trained chauffeurs of take care of your travel concerns while you relax in style and get you to the desired location.

Turn Your Special Event, Even More Special With Special Event Transportation

For many people, riding in a limousine is only a dream that can be realized once in a lifetime.  This is the reason that most of the people usually tend to reserve this experience only for certain memorable grand events in life such as a wedding, prom, or a bachelor or bachelorette party. This is because no matter the event like parties, birthday, anniversaries, wedding & engagements, night out, downtown tours, business and corporate events, etc. are some grand event in some people’s life that they want to make it memorable and spectacular for years and ever. Special Event Transportation services provided by few reliable limousine companies in Charleston SC can give rise to the long lasting memorable recollections of that eventful day throughout your life.

Undoubtedly, buying a limousine can be expensive and not many people are able to afford it. As a result, many limousine companies offer limousine rental at an affordable rate. Nowadays, many people are hiring limousine services for celebrating special events like wedding.

Though hiring a limousine can be a little bit expensive, but if intent to hire such services then you can rest assure that you will never forget these best moment in this life. There are few companies providing services like Wedding Transportation Charleston SC, offers a fleet of limousines for people that need to get around the city, in style on their grand day.

Many couples are trying to organize a wedding on a budget. If you are one among them then it is advisable that you should think about the inclusion of the idea of ​​renting a limousine service like Wedding Transportation Charleston SC for you two. This is a special feature that can help make your day even more unique and memorable. Thus, it is essential for you to opt for Wedding Transportation Charleston SC, which is now recognized as an integral part of the newly married couple days.

There are few reliable, flexible, top-notch and affordable Wedding Transportation Charleston SC services providers. You can take help of the online medium to find the one. Nowadays, several reliable Limousine Service providers with their online booking facility have marked their presence on the internet, like the one available at They also support all the transportation needs of its clientele including Airport Shuttle Transportation, hotel transportation, etc.

Taxi vs. car service…What’s best for my travels?

Using a taxi or a car service depends on the nature of your trip.  Both perform very different roles that define them.  But you should know that the two main factors that differentiate them are:  service and equipment.  Service entails on-time reliability, driver professionalism, quality of communication, attention to detail, and travel comforts.  Car services tend to offer high-end amenities, while taxis tend to offer low or no amenities. Equipment refers to the vehicle itself.  Taxis typically offer standard furnishings, while a car service will offer luxury furnishings and have high-class “curb appeal”.

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Going beyond the chauffeur: Private and Personal Transportation, LLC

Private and Personal Transportation is dedicated to excellence.  We maintain the highest standards in customer service, comfort, reliability, and safety.

We provide customer satisfaction that goes beyond the chauffeur.  From the initial reservation request to your final destination, our goal is not only to provide you with an impeccable experience, but to provide you with an experience that is truly Private and Personal.

#1 Destination for Vacation and Marriage

Charleston, SC has always been a player in the transportation industry, offering cruise, airport, corporate services, golf, convention, and special event transportation services.

Now, Charleston SC has taken a seat on the world stage, being voted the #1 destination for vacation in the country, as well as the best place to be married.  Private and Personal Transportation is your #1 transportation service in the Charleston, SC area, offering competitive rates and premier service.

Our on-time airport transfer is unmatched and our corporate service program stands alone.  It is not enough to provide luxury cars, SUVs, and limousines.  We are committed to providing our clients the finest transportation service in the industry.

Traveling For Business – Top 5 Planning Tips

Traveling for business or leisure, there’s some planning involved to make sure you get the most out of your trip.  Some would say that planning a leisure trip is more complicated because of all the details involved, where you’re traveling to, your budget, where you would stay, places you visit while you’re there, transportation, etc…  That is a lot to take in consideration when planning, but how about having to plan all of that with set times and deadlines.  That’s what business travelers must do.

Although choosing where to travel is not a factor, you still have to plan out this trip, so that you won’t leave the necessary information behind (the reason why you’re taking this trip), know that you’re hotel is in the vicinity of your destinations and that you’re on time for all scheduled appointments.  Here are 5 tips to planning a smooth business trip:

  1. Investigate the destination.  Know where you’re going, especially if it’s a city you’ve never been to.  Map out your meeting destinations from your hotel.  If you’re attending multiple meetings at different locations, it’s best to know the travel time between the two, so you can plan your transportation.
  2. Plan your transportation.  Is your meeting locations walking distance from your hotel?  Should you take a bus, a taxi or hire a private car service?  Consider hiring a private car service, you can give them your itinerary ahead of time and they can get you to your destination at the set times, in oppose to waiting on a bus for their schedule pick-up/drop off times or calling a taxi for each place you need to go.  You need to find the best solution for your situation.
  3. Make a schedule.  From the airport to the hotel to your meeting.  If you have a schedule of everything you need to do, you would be able to accomplish what you need.  If possible, leave time for mishaps.  Life just isn’t perfect, so you want to make room for errors.  For example, you got the elevator on the wrong floor and you’re in a 20 story building, now you have to wait for the elevator to come back.  Try not to schedule the time you leave to go to appointments so close to the time you need to be there.
  4. Make a packing list and pack early.  Waiting to the last minute to pack, guarantees you’re going to leave something.  That something may be the reason why you’re taking the trip in the first place.  Make a list of everything you need for your trip, down to your socks.  The last thing you want to do is be in a meeting where your pants rises and you have no socks on because there was no time to make extra stops.
  5. Stay focus.  New city, so many attractions.  Staying focus on why you’re traveling is key.  Getting distracted can cause you an investment, a job, a new client, etc…  There are other times for leisure, remember that you’re there only for business and that should remain your primary focus.

Following these tips, can get you set on your business trip and ensure that it will be a smooth one.

Private Car Service vs. Regular Taxi Service for Your Corporation

As a business owner, always portraying a professional look is a must.  Whether you need to be transported somewhere or a very important client, believe it or not, how you get there does matter.  Although choosing a taxi service is not unprofessional, but showing up in a taxi half an hour late is.

When utilizing a private car service, their goal is to get you to your destination on time, safe and as comfortable as possible.  You want your client to arrive calm, relaxed and ready to close deals.

Taxis are more focus on making the buck, especially one that is metered.  Utilizing a metered taxi, you will find that there are other and longer routes to take to get to your destination, because the longer you’re in the taxi, the more money the driver can make.  For the taxis that are not metered, their primary focus is saving gas.  If there are people that need to be picked up going in the same direction as you, it would be more efficient to pick those persons up on the way.  This can make for an uncomfortable ride and can have you or your client irritated.  Being irritated and frustrated can cause you or your client to lose focus and make bad decisions.

Are you starting to see the difference now?

Without stating too much on the advantages of a private car service, you already see that choosing a taxi for your corporation, may not be a good idea.  Comparing the costs between the two, a taxi service may stand out, however, you’re paying for the experience.  Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”?  That statement is absolutely accurate.  If you want the following advantages:

  • Advance scheduling and planning.  Plan your transportation for your meetings or the transportation of a client from the airport months in advance.  You would know your upfront costs, so that you can plan your budget as well.  Your driver would be there at the scheduled time.
  • Multiple Fleets.  Whether you are traveling alone or transporting a group of employees, private car services have a variety of fleet sizes to meet your needs.
  • Transportation back to your pick-up location.  You don’t have to call a private car service to come back to pick up you, they can wait on you, so your transportation is seamless.
  • and much more, each individual company offers their own special benefits.

Then, paying a little more for a better and more professional experience for you or your client is priceless.